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Matthews Coach's Corral Dispersal Sale


Registered Angus Herd Dispersal

Our registered black Angus herd represents years of procuring and breeding structurally sound, maternal females. Our females have proven pedigrees and excellent dispositions.   


This beauty has served as one of our donor cows.

GOHR SAVANNAH 4014, AAA#17866360, is a SILVEIRAS STYLE 9303. She sells with a KR Synergy AAA# 18875709 bull calf at side. She's always been a favorite on our place. 

IMG_2026 2.HEIC

We love the way this Exemplify daughter is growing. She is structurally sound with plenty depth of body.

Dam: SAC ELBA BN 90 AAA#19834466

SIRE: LINZ Exemplify AAA#19265123

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